Exchange of any currency with a fix price

On our exchange you can buy ERC20 tokens of our partners at a fixed price for any of the popular crypto-currencies. Also, you can exchange these tokens for crypto currency.

How it works?

You create a deposit purse in any of the popular crypto-currencies and enter your Ethereum wallet. Replenish the deposit, then select the desired ERC20 tokens and get them to your wallet in Ethereum.

You create a deposit in Ethereum, transfer your ERC20 token to it, and in return receive any of the popular crypto currency at your choice.

Any questions?

Popular currencies

KYC Legal (KYC)
buy: $2.625
sell: $2.375
Forte Coin (FOTC)
buy: $5.04
sell: $4.56
Tronix (TRX)
buy: $0.020895
sell: $0.018905
buy: $10.3425
sell: $9.3575
VeChain (VEN)
buy: $0.0105
sell: $0.0095
OmiseGO (OMG)
buy: $3.9375
sell: $3.5625
buy: $0.7665
sell: $0.6935
Maker (MKR)
buy: $454.65
sell: $411.35

You need help with ICO?

We cooperate with various companies. If you want to cooperate or use our services to support ICO, you can send us an application.